Geospatial Software Development


8 California St
Suite 650
San Francisco
CA 94111

(415) 677-8750

Geodesy creates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions for local, state, and federal government agencies and the built environment industries.
Expertise Geodesy's greatest expertise and interest lie in integrating graphic and non-graphic data via database design and application development.
History The founding partners first worked on Unix- and VAX/VMS-based CAD and GIS software and database development in the 1980s.  With the formation of Geodesy in 1992, Windows became the company's primary platform for software and data development.
Style Our working style has evolved over the past two decades from a more formal ISO 9000-based waterfall approach to emphasize an iterative, rapid application development style.  This approach has increased client involvement, improved application usability, and amplified project success.
Durability Many of our applications start off as small time-saving or interim stop-gap measures and grow through successive iterations into long standing, central solutions.
Efficiency Geodesy has an extensive toolbox of programming code and techniques to save time and reduce application costs.  For example, we use a set of ActiveX and .Net components we call Encompass to quickly assemble GIS applications on top of the Encompass MapEngine or the ArcGIS Engine.
Community Our well established community of clients and business partners leverage one another’s development budgets by contributing towards a shared base of software capabilities.
Results We customize software to our clients’ workflow.  It can pay for itself quickly through increased work efficiency, reduced training time, and lower software license costs.