Avec provides connected and disconnected multi-user GIS data editing.

Avec enables multi-user GIS graphic and attribute editing.  Its concise interface and rule-based data validation minimizes training and maximizes data consistency.


Avec is not intended for GIS experts.  It is oriented towards users involved in discipline-specific activities such as utilities operations, assessing, and public safety.  Because Avec is configured to be task-specific, the tools are easily learned enabling users to manage their own data.

Depending on the task, typical training time can range from an hour (mapping garage sale locations or drawing fire protection district boundaries) to two days (COGO entry and utility mapping).

Like Zoom and Gist, Avec may be installed on individual Windows PCs or may be served to any PC on a network when installed on a server.

When loaded onto a mobile computer, Avec may be used to edit GIS data while in the field.  Once the mobile computer is back on the network, data edits made in the field may be synced to the master database.


  • Contains all the functionality of Zoom and Gist.
  • Provides multi-user graphic and attribute editing of enterprise-wide managed data.
  • Allows precision graphic entry and feature snapping.
  • Supports rule-based functions for editing data and data relationships.
  • Uses edit authorities defined by an administrator to allow viewing and editing of feature classes down to the attribute level.
  • Validates data entry against legal values lists, supplies default values for attributes when features are added, and auto-calculates fields for length, area, latitude and longitude, sequential numbering, and ID generation.
  • Synchronizes edits made on disconnected mobile computers when the mobile computer is back on the network (either wired or wi-fi).
  • Imports and geocodes externally defined data from permit and work order systems using custom import scripts.
  • Logs user edits accross the enterprise and maintains feature edit history.
  • Allows the system administrator to construct and manage a symbol library.
  • Uses an MDI user configurable and savable application layout so users may organize their workspace.

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