Overview of Encompass
Encompass is an enterprise Geospatial Information System (GIS) that can stand on its own, and work intergrally with other enterprise systems.
Encompass is...
  • a suite of off-the-shelf enterprise applications for viewing, analyzing, and editing GIS data.
  • a set of components for quickly assembling new time-saving task-oriented applications.
  • a growing list of data-driven, component-based desktop, web, and mobile applications.
  • a consortium of users and developers.
Encompass is used to...
  • create quick, targeted applications that make the greatest use of GIS data, yet require minimal user training and support.
  • add GIS capabilities to existing Windows applications.
  • augment the use of Intergraph’s GeoMedia Objects or Esri’s ArcObjects.  With Encompass, you can port applications between GIS platforms with minimal effort, minimizing reliance on a single GIS vendor's technology.
  • access GIS data in any ODBC or ADO database (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc.).  This means you can move data between databases without modifying applications or re-training users.
  • avoid per-user license costs with site-licensed Encompass apps that use site licenses (or free) database stores.
Encompass is used by...
  • AutoCAD users to turn their file-based map drawings into a continuous feature-based GIS.
  • Esri and Intergraph product users to speed the development of custom applications and add functionality beyond their stock GIS.
  • database users to add graphics to their tables.  A spatial column can be added to any table to place a graphic feature in each row.
  • SQL Server users to view and manage their spatial data.  Encompass can be used to display and edit SQL Server geometry and geography.
Encompass Apps

Encompass desktop applications include Zoom for map viewing, Gist for analysis, and Avec for full editing.  These applications range from simple-to-use (requiring little training) to full featured, but they share a common look and feel.

Web mapping is done with the Encompass browser applications, NetMap (based in HTML5 and OpenLayers) and Gedit (based in HTML5, Google Maps, and Google Fusion Tables).

Recon extends Encompass mapping to the field on tablets and phones.

Numerous task-specific Encompass desktop applications allow domain experts to work quickly with maps and related data to do storm sewer analysis, permit tracking, front-counter service response, project coordination, pavement management, assessor mapping, public safety dispatch, and more.

Encompass Consortium

Geodesy started developing Encompass in 1998 with the City of Palo Alto (CA), Wake County (NC), and the City of Raleigh (NC).  Since that time, a number of other local government agencies around the U.S. have contributed time, money, and expertise to Encompass.

The City of Palo Alto and Cochise County, for example, use Encompass applications with the Encompass map engine as their GIS.  Others use Encompass applications to view and manage their Esri SDE data through ArcObjects.

The consortium is informal – the participating local government agencies have no direct financial interaction or formal agreement.  Each benefits from the other’s enhancements to the Encompass set of components and applications by making their contributions available to the others through Geodesy.

Joining the consortium can be as simple as having Geodesy create or customize an Encompass application for you.

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