Gedit presents Encompass GIS data on web pages using Google Maps and by syncronizing enterprise GIS database data with Google Fusion Tables.


Gedit is...

  • a low-cost, low-risk, highly scalable web mapping solution.
  • a platform for Open GIS Data (like Palo Alto's).
  • hosted on Google servers. These services are free (assuming a reasonable amount of data and traffic) and put no load on enterprise servers.
  • embedded into existing web pages (like Milpitas zoning, or Palo Alto street paving projects), launched as full map pages (like Cochise Recorder Survey page), or launched in Google's Fusion interface (like Palo Alto trees).
  • automatically updated from on-premise databases to Google's servers using Encompass enterprise GIS.

Geodesy now provides live data syncronization from Encompass to Esri ArcGIS Online as well.

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