Products - Overview
Geodesy's software is site licensed to simplify pricing and encourage use across the enterprise.
Geodesy offers geospatial software products that range from GIS viewing to full enterprise GIS data management and editing to spatially-oriented document management.  Our products are used daily by thousands of individuals across our client sites.
Zoom organizes and packages GIS graphics and related attributes and makes the data accessible to a broad audience – not just the GIS-savvy.  Zoom makes it easy to create high quality printed maps and reports. Zoom
Gist takes the functionality of Zoom a few steps further.  It adds sketch-on-top (allowing users to create their own personal map layers), spatial analysis (including network tracing), ad-hoc queries, and the ability to customize the layout of printed maps. Gist
Avec enables multi-user GIS graphic and attribute editing. Its concise interface and rule-based data validation minimizes training and maximizes data consistency. Avec
NetMap provides browser-based distribution of enterprise GIS graphic and related attribute data through interactive maps and pre-defined reports. NetMap
Gedit provides for public online consumption of enterprise GIS data.  It is powered by Google Maps and Google Fusion Tables so it places little demand on agency servers. Gedit
Recon extends GIS asset, activity, and related document editing into the field on Android devices.  It works with Google Fusion Tables, Esri, or Encompass systems. Recon
Dox categorizes, files, and provides viewing access to scanned documents.  Documents are stored in Windows folders organized by street and address to provide intuitive document browsing and an implicit link to GIS features. Dox
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