Recon is a Geospatial Information System (GIS) feature editing application for mobile devices.


Recon is...

  • a mobile data collector app.
  • used to collect any GIS data from information about water valves to post-earthquake damage reports.
  • map-centric and delivers data to and from mobile devices directly from (and to) a GIS.
  • intended for use by an agency's internal staff and known external users. Access rights are maintained by the agency user-by-user.
  • a mini stand-alone mapping data system, requiring connection to agency servers (directly or via the internet) only to upload and download changed data.
  • used for simple surveys such as bike rack locations and complex activities such as gas leak surveys including leak maintenance and report rollups suitable for submittal to the US DOT.
  • available on the Google Play Store.

Recon allows you to...

  • show asset and activity records in both a list and on a map. On tablets, the screen is split when in a landscape orientation and shows either the list or map in portrait.
  • add, edit attributes, move, and delete asset records like traffic signs, for activities like a power line hazard survey, and for activities related to assets such as work orders or maintenance records.
  • take photos and associate them with an asset or activity record. If an IkeGPS Spike device is attached, a Spike capture may be associated with the asset or activity with the added benefit of automatically populating camera bearing, distance to target, dimensions entered into the Spike capture, and the 3D location of the camera and the target feature.
  • filter the list and map contents based on attribute values, status in a checked list, and sync status. Limit the list to only records within the map extent or show the entire list.
  • navigate the map to a known location or to an asset by its ID.
  • build a check list of assets or activity locations to be visited. For example, a list of water sample sites that are sampled every day may be quickly generated as a check list. Once the sampling record is complete, the record is checked off.
  • operate both in connected and disconnected modes and can silently switch between modes while operating. Data syncing happens in the background whenever the tablet is connected with no user action required.
  • control user privileges for viewing and editing map layers, and, if desired, privileges may also be applied attribute-by-attribute.
  • do fine-grained attribute editing including entry validation, default values, and multiple choice lists.

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