Range of Services
We customize software to our clients’ workflow. It can pay for itself quickly through increased work efficiency, reduced training time, and lower software license costs.
Geodesy's services range from consulting to full-scale application development and systems integration.
Consulting We can analyze and catalog GIS data and determine if data should be organized centrally, distributed, and/or replicated.  Application needs are identified and appropriate combinations of off-the-shelf software and custom development recommended – always balancing initial cost with long term savings.
Software Tailoring Geodesy can extend off-the-shelf software to add new capabilities, automate repetitive tasks to reduce steps, and hide unused features to reduce complexity.  For example, we can provide an ArcGIS add-in to display lists of feature-related documents for viewing, such as a list of plats associated with a selected parcel.
Interim Applications An inexpensive, quickly delivered application can fill in while a more sophisticated, long-range automation plan is implemented.  Our Dox application, a GIS-centric document management system, and the Permit Tracker, are examples of these high-value, low-cost solutions.
Full-Scale Applications Our core work is the creation of desktop and web-based applications designed to suit the needs of a specific audience.  These applications are typically map-centric but may also be analysis-centric with map data used in a secondary role.  For example, our Zoom and NetMap applications focus on the use of an interactive map, while applications like REDARS, TRUE, and ROME use geographics only in support of analysis.
Systems Integration Geodesy's systems integration solutions are typically enterprise-oriented and often GIS-centric.   We use a model we call the Enterprise Integration Engine that exchanges data between systems in batch or as edits are made.   EIE-IO (IO emphasizing its modularity and bi-directional capacity) accommodates data silos, is fault tolerant by definition, and tracks and reports exceptions.
Managed Services Once a GIS is in place, Geodesy can support the system remotely, providing an online GIS help desk, GIS data maintenance, analysis, and assistance with special projects.
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